The aging process and long term sun exposure can wreak havoc on one’s skin. For some, the concerns might be sunspots, brown spots or red blood vessels. For others it may be superficial wrinkles or deeper wrinkles. Depending on the predominating features of each individual’s skin and their willingness to tolerate downtime, there are a variety of treatment options that can fit your needs and lifestyle.

Our lasers and other tools may effectively reduce or eliminate many of the symptoms of skin aging while improving the tone and texture of the skin. We use the Fraxel Dual laser to attempt to treat brown spots, shrink pores, smooth texture and tighten skin in a non ablative fashion. We also have an eCO2 laser that’s used for ablative fractional resurfacing. For those wishing for less downtime, we have the pulsed dye laser (Vbeam perfecta) to help treat red and brown spots and a Spectra laser to help treat brown spots. We recommend an individual consultation with Dr. Omar Ibrahimi to best identify a personalized treatment plan for you.

Fraxel Laser Acne Scars and Photoaging *

If you live in the greater Stamford area or Fairfield County, Connecticut, feel free to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your skin rejuvenation treatment options.

*Results may vary depending on the individual.