Spider Vein Therapy at Connecticut Skin Institute

Spider veins, reticular veins and varicose veins are very common in middle age and elderly adults. Several causes can contribute to the development of these such as genetics, pregnancy and other factors. Spider veins, reticular veins and varicose veins can be treated with injections of chemical solutions known as sclerotherapy. Over monthly treatment sessions, the solution causes the veins to collapse and then undergo irreversible damage that eventually gets absorbed by the body. Sclerotherapy is a challenging procedure that should only be performed by the most skilled providers. The risk of a side effect is drastically higher when a less trained individual performs the procedure.

Dr. Omar Ibrahimi is a board certified dermatologist with additional fellowship training focusing on the treatment of leg veins. If you live in the greater Stamford area or Fairfield County, Connecticut, feel free to schedule a consultation with us to discuss your leg/spider veins and if sclerotherapy is right for you.


*Results may vary depending on the individual.