Hair Loss

What causes hair loss?

Hair loss, known in the dermatology world as alopecia, can have a significant effect on self esteem and self image. Alopecia can manifest in either gender and can affect individuals of all ages. There are multiple forms of alopecia; the specific type can typically be diagnosed from a bedside visit by a trained and skilled dermatologist. In some instances, the dermatologist may choose to send a sample from the skin to a lab for further evaluation.

Causes of alopecia are multifold. At times, it may be related to anemia levels, certain hormone levels such as thyroid hormone, or vitamin D levels. In other instances, the hair is lost secondary to a stressful life or health event, such as a hospitalization or delivering a baby, or a particular medication that the patient is taking. In a characteristic form, known as alopecia areata, the body’s immune system targets hair and prohibits its growth. This typically manifests with discrete patches of hair loss on the scalp.The most common type of alopecia is known as androgenetic alopecia – both males and females can have this gender specific type of common balding pattern. Often times, there is an associated family history of balding.

What are treatment options for hair loss?

The treatments for alopecia depends on its variant. Alopecia areata, the immune system related type of alopecia, is commonly treated with steroid injections, although there are also alternative topical regimens that may be used. Traditional male or female pattern balding can be treated with topical medications such as minoxidil or can be treated with oral medications that target hormonal pathways. The key component of formulating a successful treatment plan is accurately diagnosing the type of alopecia. Sometimes, altering the way in which one’s hair is styled can help stop progression of hair loss.

Now what?

At Connecticut Skin Institute, we work with each of our patient’s to tailor their treatment regimen to the type and severity of their alopecia to optimize outcomes. We are committed to accurately investigating and diagnosing each patient’s hair loss, as well as to staying up to date on latest advances in the causes and treatment of alopecia. Set up an appointment with our board certified dermatologists for more understanding of your specific type of hair loss and best treatments.

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