What is Acne?

It is the most common skin disease and is skin condition characterized by any combination of whiteheads, blackheads, inflamed pink bumps, pustules, nodules and cysts (commonly referred to as zits and pimples).  It often affects the face, although can affect other areas of the body as well, particularly the back and chest. Acne is not just a teenager skin problem-it can affect individuals of many ages- well into adulthood. Patients often report the significant effects of this condition on self esteem and self image so the reasons to treat it are more than just skin deep.  In addition, certain forms of acne have the potential to cause permanent scarring.  At the Connecticut Skin Institute, we understand the tremendous impact it can have on a patient in both the short and long term, and are therefore dedicated to finding an optimal, individualized treatment regimen for each of our patients.acne, prevention, cure, treatment, stamford, ct
What are the treatment options?
Treatment is based on the severity of and type of acne.  Treatment regimens may be topically based, may consist of oral pills, or may involve procedures such as light treatments or chemical peels. Topical treatments include those with antibacterial properties as well as other agents known as retinoids (vitamin A derivatives that alter the way pores operate). In certain situations, our board certified dermatologists may recommend oral antibiotics, or in hormonally based acne, specific types of birth control pills or pills that block the signalling of certain hormones.  Isotretinoin (commonly referred to as Accutane) is an oral vitamin A derivative that can be prescribed when a patient has failed other treatments or has severe acne that causes scarring .  The significance of improvement on isotretinoin is often substantial. We are often able to bring it under significant improvement with the above treatment options and our office offers the full spectrum of options to care for acne and acne related scarring.
What are long term effects of acne?
In certain situations, acne scarring may remain after the acne comes under control. Our office is one of the most comprehensive cosmetic dermatology facilities in the country and we have multiple laser and energy based devices to treat all types of acne scarring in patients of all skin colors. These treatments can lead to a significant permanent reduction in acne scarring. Our treatment options include ablative and nonablative fractional resurfacing (including the Fraxel laser), as well as fractionated radiofrequency (Infini) treatment options.

*Results may vary depending on the individual.