Considering CoolSculpting? Top 5 Reasons We are the Best CoolSculpting Provider in CT

Considering CoolSculpting? Top 5 Reasons We are the Best CoolSculpting Provider in CT

Considering CoolSculpting and Looking for the Best CoolSculpting Provider? Top 5 Reasons Why You Need to Book Your Complimentary Consultation with us Today!

Hollywood, Timesquare, the runways…seems like CoolSculpting has become a household name. If you aren’t familiar with it yet, CoolSculpting is a non-invasive body contouring procedure to reduce stubborn pockets of fat that you just can’t get rid of with diet or exercise.  We are the only CoolSculpting provider in CT with the new applicators that are ONLY 35 minutes a treatment If you are considering CoolSculpting or want to learn more about it, below are 5 reasons why you need to visit the Connecticut Skin Institute.

Reason 1: coolsculpting, dualsculpting, freezefat, stamford, ctBest credentials. As they state in real estate, location, location, location.  When it comes to selecting a provider for any procedure, its credentials, credentials, credentials. At our practice, Dr. Ibrahimi is personally involved in every assessment and treatment and does not delegate to a non-physician. Dr. Omar  Ibrahimi is a Harvard trained board certified dermatologist who specializes in lasers and devices. He has over 65 research publications and is an invited speaker at various national meetings. Dr. Ibrahimi has tremendous CoolSculpting experience and was fortunate enough to both train and serve as faculty with the inventors of CoolSculpting at the Wellman Center for Photomedicine which is the world’s leading research center. He has seen the technology progress from lab research to animal trials to clinical trials and FDA approval. All our CoolSculpting specialist supporting Dr.Ibrahimi are CoolSculpting certified and have attended CoolSculpting university for advance training.12CC002763Small

Reason 2:

Only practice in CT to offer 35 minute treatments and we have two machines. Due to Dr. Ibrahimi’s expertise, we are often one of the first in the Country and the first in the State to get the latest/greatest technology. We were also the first provider in CT to have the new CoolSculpting Mini applicators for the double chin fat.  We are currently the only practice in CT to have the new Cool Advantage applicators which allow us to do the treatments in half the time. That’s right, instead of an hour per applicator, now we can do it in only 35 minutes! That means that if you need 4 cycles and you visit a place with only one machine, it would take them 4 hours to complete the
treatment.  With our new hand-pieces and two machines, we  may be able to do the same treatment in a little over an hour! Also, the new hand pieces are more comfortable and have fewer side effects,with the same results.

coolsculpting, cool advantage, freeze, fat, new, applicators, 35, minutes, ct

Reason 3:

We have tons of experience. Not only do we have the best credentials, but due to our trusted reputations, we have done many treatments.  We are currently the #1 CoolScupting provider in CT in terms of volume.  While we are a high volume practice, our focus is quality and not quantity. We have turned patients away from CoolSculpting because they simply were not good candidates. Please refer to our before and after gallery for our actual patient results (we like to showcase our own results vs. solely relying on before and after photos provided by the company).

coolsculpting, before, after, stamford, ct
Before and After Photo of Dr Ibrahimi’s patient after just one treatment to abdomen and sides.*
Before and After Photo of Dr. Ibrahimi's patient after 1 treatment.
Before and After Photo of Dr. Ibrahimi’s patient after 1 applicator to abdomen.*

Reason 4: 

Competitive pricing.  We understand that in the current economy, everyone needs to watch their budget. We offer standard CoolSculpting pricing and are also offering up to 25% off with a package.

Reason 5:

Remember, we are offering complimentary CoolSculpting consultations! You may call 203-428-4440 to schedule or request here.

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